Churchill-class Destroyer


The Churchill-class destroyer is a dedicated patrol vessel, capable of high-speed intercept at both STL and FTL ranges. Able to engage at both long and short ranges, the Churchill can provide a threat to even larger armoured opponents.


The standards of the New Britian navy enlisted and command are high, and only qualified trainees are accepted to our academies. Conscription is a matter for the New Britain Army, and marines - if necessary.

6-man crew - handles tasks at: Easy-14, Average-13, Hard-12, Very Hard-11

Computer System

The Churchill possesses an advanced, state-of-the-art Dedicated Tactical AI to assist the crew. In a pinch, this computer system can be ordered to take over one or more ship functons with some expectation of success - provided the situation is easy enough to grasp, and fairly routine.

IQ-14 Dedicated Tactical AI - handles routine combat tasks at: Easy-15, Average-14, Hard-13, Very Hard-12


The Churchill carries 300 100-kiloton proximity-detonated nuclear missiles in a forward launcher for long-ranged intercept profiles; 3 300-megajoule particle beam turrets on its central hull; and 30 3-megajoule UV laser very rapid-fire turrets, also on its central hull, for point-defence fire.


The Churchill is armoured with twelve hundred tons of carbon-nanotube reinforced polymor nanocomposite, with the greater bulk on its front and central hull sections, while not neglecting its rear armour.


With a light crew compliment and few cells, the Churchill may be assisted by a small marine troopship for prisoner capture and transport.

Absent such a vessel, dangerous prisoners may have their life pods secured to the hull with doors facing into space, for immediate transport to the nearest friendly starbase.



Table: Combat Summary
Name Power Points Description
DR -- 2,100/2,100/1,200
HP -- 2,000
HT -- 12-
Hnd/SR -- -2/4
Move -- 0.12G/20mps
FTL 1 or 2 FTL-2
Reactor Generates 2 power points/200 years
Table: Weapon Systems
Weapon Mount Options sAcc Range Damage Type Reloads
Medium Battery 3 turrets -3 short 3dx100 burn rad sur(5) 1 power point
Tertiary Battery 30 launchers +2 long 8dx100 burn ex rad sur 10/300
Tertiary Battery 30 turrets Very rapid fire +0 short 3dx10 burn(2) 1 power point


Table: Damage Codes
TLSpacecraft ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt LoadSMOccDR Range FTL Cost
16Churchill-class Destroyer 2,000 -2/4 12-0.12G 3kt 377t+96+ 2,100/2,100/1,200 20mps FTL-2 $446M


Table: Starship Sections
Front hull Systems, $246
[1] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[2] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[3] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[4] Tertiary Battery (30 launchers, 100 kiloton nuclear missiles, 10/300 reloads ($30M)); $15M)
[5] Super star-drive (FTL-2; $150M)
[6] Fusion Reactor (2 power points/200 years; $30M)
[core] Control Room (complexity 8, comm/sensor+8, 6 control stations; $6M)
Central hull Systems, $108M
[1] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[2] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[3] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[4] Array, tactical (array level +10; $30M)
[5] Medium battery (3 turrets, 300MJ particle beams); $15M)
[6] Tertiary Battery (30 very rapid-fire turrets, 300kJ UV laser beams); $15M)
[core] Habitat (20 cabin-equivalents, includes life pods, cells; $3M)
Rear hull Systems, $92M
[1] Antimatter Plasma Rocket, high-thrust water (0.06G; $30M)
[2] Antimatter Plasma Rocket, high-thrust water (0.06G; $30M)
[3] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[4] Armour, Nanocomposite (DR500; $30M)
[5] Fuel Tank (150t (antimatter-salted water ($3M), 20mps), $1M)
[6] Fuel Tank (150t (antimatter-salted water ($3M), 20mps), $1M)